About Us

Asian American Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice (AAPI–CSJ) is comprised of a network of AAPI Christians from Southern California who are committed to social justice.

Our mission is to share information about social justice issues and how they relate to personal Christian faith and values in order that the AAPI communities can work to help address the needs of people and the world.

  • OPEN DISCUSSION – Relying on free and open discussions of issues without judgment and rancor, allowing the work of the Holy Spirit to do the work of conviction in each person’s heart.
  • BIBLE BASED – Seeking to be true to the Word of God through the Bible, with a focus on the person of Jesus Christ and his example of loving those in need.
  • DIVERSITY – Accepting that persons of faith can come to different conclusions and that there can be diversity of belief within the unity of the body of Christ.
  • ACTION – Acknowledging that faith should not be without works but lead to appropriate action – individually as well as corporately.
  • DECISIONS – Group decision-making shall be prayerful and inclusive and democratic, seeking consensus where possible while allowing for the rule of the majority as it may be appropriate.