Can Christians Be Activists? (June 2018)

If God is the God of all things – does that include politics?

Are you seeking tangible ways for Christian faith to confront injustice, poverty, and the care of God’s created world?

How would Jesus want us to “lean in” to the issues of today – how do we take action as he would?

Join Asian American/Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice (AAPI-CSJ) as we seek to hear how God is calling us to stand up for the marginalized, seek justice for the oppressed, and bring healing to our churches and communities.


We are hosting a prayerful open discussion to identify issues and find roles to play in our particular contexts as well as how to pursue impact as an organization.

  • When: Saturday June 30, 2018, 9:30-12 noon
  • Where: EBCLA (directions at
  • Refreshments will be served.


The mission of AAPI CSJ is to share information about social justice issues and how they relate to personal Christian faith and values in order for AAPI communities to help address the needs of people and the world.